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Homemakers Staff - May 2015 -9766Kerrie Burzacott and Russ France established their own furniture and bedding business in Wodonga in 2008. For Kerrie, the tree-change was a welcome new venture after a successful corporate career in Melbourne.

“I had a nice corporate job in the city and worked with really good people, but it just didn’t light my fire anymore,” Kerrie said.

“Russ and I had previously lived in provincial cities and we couldn’t wait to build a lifestyle in Wodonga. We’ve both worked hard for a long time for other people and wanted to create something that was ours. I still wake up every morning in this beautiful part of Victoria, and can’t imagine doing anything else.”

“The other thing that’s important is that if we can be successful at what we do, then we’ll have the resources to help others. It might be contributing more via sponsorship to local charities or sporting groups, being more actively involved on business or charitable boards, or whatever it might be.”

Russ is no stranger to furniture and bedding and saw an opportunity to put his experience into a new venture in a thriving regional city.

“Having been involved in furniture and bedding for a few years in Melbourne, we were offered the opportunity to set up the business in 2008,” Russ said.

“We decided it was an opportune time to move back to regional Victoria and the wonderful North East of the state. We’ve been given the opportunity to not only invest in our own business, but also to the Albury Wodonga and regional communities.”

The pair has a focussed approach to assisting customers.

“I’ve always considered myself a natural problem solver,” Kerrie said.

“I now take that approach to our customers, because most of them have a problem and they come to us for a solution, so that’s what we do. We have a conversation with them and understand what problem is they’re trying to solve.”

“Russ and I consider that we, along with our team, are here to help a customer make a decision about a piece of furniture or bedding that’s going to be with them for a very long time. We have real purpose now.”